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Billing Application (Easy Print)

The use of bluetooth and wifi technology is a widely growing field which has found its way into many platforms. One such is the printing of customised bills and tokens in thermal printers. Wireless printing using mobile devices is gaining popularity and this paper aims to address this particular functionality from Android Application. we at digifoxlabs can generate customised prints for bluetooth/ wifi/ usb thermal printer from real-time android mobile phone.

Smart app to generate receipts. This app can be used to generate parking receipts, donation receipts or any other fixed price single item receipts. The receipts can be configured; the rates and texts can be modified as per the requirements. The app also generates reports to show the days total collection.

Summarised below are some applications of wireless mobile printing, which digifoxlabs provides

Parking Service

Two wheeler parking receipts.

Three wheeler parking receipts.

Heavy vehicle parking receipts.

Billing Service

Water Supply.


Cable Connection.

On site service charges.


At the time of customer billing.

For linking the table orders to the kitchen (Kitchen order ticketing).

Generating tokens to avoid queue.

Mobile tills for queue-busting during rush-hours.

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